Welcome to this year’s nottdance festival. As ever, our programme aims to spark people’s imaginations by serving up a potent mix of work that inhabits the boundaries between dance, performance, the live and visual arts.

This year’s festival is full of questions; can choreography be found in the voice, in the landscape or even down the end of a telephone line? Can you dance while sitting down and can you have a dance without a live performer? Can you call it dance if it exists in your imagination or does it have to be real? And can you write down the instructions of a dance and get someone else to interpret it?

We think the answer to all these questions is yes.

Nigel Charnock’s use of voice is as much a verbal dance as it is a choreography of the body. Jonathan Burrows and composer Matteo Fargion present a dance which occupies the hands and the arms. The presence of La Ribot, one of the festival’s most long standing artists, continues to be felt but this time through video and projection. Bock & Vincenzi return to present a dance that cannot be seen, only heard and Pete Shenton will be one of three guest choreographers attempting to interpret the work of Thomas Lehmen with the aid of a handbook, a few instructions and a couple of unlikely performers.

Nottdance artists in residence, Déjá Donné and Goat Island, will be questioning the nature of their choreography in separate programmes of research and development. Also we delve deeper with dance closer, our series of post-show discussions hosted by national dance critic Donald Hutera.

Help us put flesh to these questions and enjoy some of the most thrilling and thought-provoking dance and performance around today.

Jane Greenfield

Artistic Director

Nottdance 2003 includes works by :

Andy Goldsworthy & Thomas Riedelsheimer (UK)

Déjá Donné (CZ/ IT)

Goat Island (US)

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion (UK)

La Ribot (ES/UK)

Miguel Pereira (PT)

New Art Club (UK)

Nigel Charnock (UK)

Protein Dance (UK)

Ros Warsby (UK)

Thomas Lehmen Schreibstück (DE)

Zero Visibility Corp (NO)

      Home Page Image : Nigel Charnock – Frank. Photo Credit- Mattias Ek

About Page Image : Zero Visibility – Confession Time. Photo Credit – Eric Berg